from author, Amy Overley Rizzo

You should make this


I was introduced to rugelach at a young age at the bakery in our grocery store. It was an exotic cookie as far as I was concerned. Tasty sugary goodness rolled up in flaky crust perfection. Hot dang, what an invention!

It wasn't until I read this post at Angry Chicken that I was reminded of their fantastic wonderfulness. Lo and behold, thanks to the recipe Amy found, I was able to bake them myself.

So I did! (Amy's rugelach are much prettier than mine, but mine still tasted freaking phenomenal.) Even The Husband was impressed. I stirred up the dough on Christmas Eve but didn't get around to rolling them out until after the New Year. (This was part of my finally-have-time-for-Christmas do-over.)The dough did fine in the fridge, and the results were amazing. The Husband and I each sampled one, and then the rest were packed into tins and given to friends at a belated holiday lunch the next day. After just one bite, I was showered with effusive thanks.

This was my other great bake of the day: Meyer Lemon-Blueberry Cornmeal Cake

I drool over Margie's culinary creations at The Perfect Pastry on a daily basis practically, and this cake did not disappoint. The batter tasted so good in the bowl that I almost didn't add the glaze at the end. I'm ever-so-glad that I did, though. Little Bear loved it too, mumbling "cake, cake, cake" as she gobbled up a slice.

Zest in sugar

My favorite part of the process (second only to eating it, of course) was rubbing the zested lemon peel in the sugar. I couldn't find Meyer lemons at the grocery, but the regular lemons did just fine. As I mixed it all together, Little Bear busied herself by plundering the blueberry supply.

Blueberry face 006

She can open the freezer drawer all by herself and knows exactly where the organic wild blueberries sit. Luckily for me the twist tie still confounds her, but she picks off the paper until it's bare wire wrapped around it which usually ends up confounding me in the long run.

I have no picture of this delectable cake, because I didn't butter the center of my cake pan well enough and a big chunk of cake stuck to the pan. Argh! My taste buds didn't know the difference, though, as I scraped it out of the pan. Still yummy!